LED Studio to launch V1 Architecture cabinet technology at ISE 2023

The LED Studio, powered by VOD Visual, will launch its V1 Architecture at ISE 2023 on Booth 3R250.

This LED display cabinet design is compatible with three advanced LED technologies. The proprietary cabinet infrastructure permits the LED display to be constructed in SMD, Flip-Chip SMD or Flip-Chip SMD High Bright thanks to the engineered design that adjusts how the PCBs are manufactured.

Granting access to three different technology manufacturing methods offers varying visual, economic and financial benefits for end users, and presents options for upgrading the technology in the future. 

The V1 Architecture only requires 30% of the display to be replaced during the upgrade, so 70% remains intact to reduce waste and enable accurate forecasts for future project developments. 

V1 Architecture is a joint venture between two LED display technology companies, The LED Studio and VOD Visual.

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