LED Studio launches freestanding fine-pixel pitch LED V-Poster

The LED Studio has launched the V-Poster, an all-in-one freestanding digital poster display on wheels, featuring a cable-free design to transform a single display installation into a large-scale and mobile videowall.

At 1800mm x 600mm and with an ultraslim profile of 25mm, the V-Poster is available in 1.8mm and 2.5mm pixel pitches, suitable for close-proximity viewing within retail, digital signage and wayfinding applications. 

The V-Poster can be installed in a single formation or a multiple display configuration for a freestanding videowall, with optional wheels. The cable-free design with hot-swappable modules allows for rapid installation and servicing and promises simple connectivity between multiple displays without additional wiring. 

The V-Poster includes an embedded audio system, WiFi and USB connectivity, a built-in media player for straightforward content streaming and scaling, and wireless control via a cloud-based app. Content can be managed with a native content management system or a third-party platform. 

With the latest GOB technology, the display is highly durable and is impact-, water- and dust-resistant with an IP54 rating. It also features a proprietary epoxy coating that increases the contrast ratios for more vibrant and immersive image reproduction.

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