LEA Professional launches IoT enabled amplifier

LEA Professional has debuted its 160-Watt and 80-Watt Connect series amplifiers, a range of IoT enabled amplifiers that are available with four models.

The new models in the Connect series include the CS84, CS88, CS164 and CS168 in both network and Dante. 

Each model is built with fully-routable analogue input/outputs as well as three network connection options: Using a built-in WiFi access point, connecting to an existing WiFi network or using a LAN Ethernet connection. 

When connected to a network, the amplifiers allow access to LEA’s cloud platform, leaprofessional cloud for remote control and monitoring. 

DSP is featured with built in crossovers, PEQ, limiters and load monitoring, with the models also featuring LEA Professional’s smart power bridge, universal switch mode power supply and direct LoZ and HiZ selectable per channel in a one-rack unit chassis. 

The models are also compatible with the LEA Professional Web UI and via the cloud platform for control and monitoring, using a built-in Amazon Web Services IoT core to allow integrators to control and monitor system datapoints. 


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