LEA Professional launches Cinema Digital Series amplifiers

LEA Professional has launched the Cinema Digital Series of IoT-enabled smart amplifiers.

The nine Cinema Digital Series models support two or four channels, with wattages ranging from 350 to 1500 watts per channel. All models can integrate with the Dolby Cinema Processor CP950 and include AES67 primary and secondary inputs, analog backup inputs, and the ability to accept AES67 feeds directly from a CP950 without requiring additional hardware. 

LEA amplifiers feature a tamper-resistant design that eliminates front panel controls and ensures security, while user interfaces like WebUl and SharkWare expedite installations. All Cinema Digital Series amplifiers have three connectivity options, wired, access point, and Wi-Fi.

Users of the Cinema Digital Series can also enjoy remote control and monitoring thanks to the LEA Cloud. This allows integrators to receive notifications and monitor projects from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device. 

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