LEA Professional debuts open API protocols

LEA Professional has announced a new firmware for its Connect Series amplifiers, including two open API protocols for audio systems integration.

The open API protocols are included as part of firmware version 2.0. One open API protocol uses WebSockets, with the second being TCP based. All control and sensor elements in the amplifier WebUI can be connected to in both APIs, including all DSP parameters, level meters, clip and fault indicators and power supply information. 

The WebSocket API is designed to integrate with the Connect Series amplifiers with custom developed software, capable of communicating with a JSON-RPC command response structure, supporting get, set, subscribe, unsubscribe and info commands.

The TCP protocol designed for common integrations with third-party AV equipment, supporting get, set, subscribe and unsubscribe commands. 

Both protocols allow for elements of the amplifier to be controlled, with current values able to be sent back from the amplifier. 

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