LD Systems launches IPA series power amplifiers

LD Systems’ DSP-based IPA 412 T and IPA 424 T installation power amplifiers are now shipping, providing 120 W and 240 W respectively.

Designed for medium to large installations, the amplifiers feature built-in card slots to allow Class D power amplifiers to be optionally equipped with Ethernet or Ethernet + Dante expansion cards, with built-in transformers for each channel.

A 100 V/70 tap is provided with an output of 4 ohms, as well as an expansion card slot on each model to enable control of all internal DSP parameters in IPA amplifiers via Ethernet, integrating into larger Dante audio networks.

The DSP section includes a parametric EQ (including loudspeaker library), dynamic tools, matrix mixer, delay and priority source selection.

The IPA series can also be operated with LD Systems remote control units and paging microphones by using a CAN-based remote bus.

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