LD Systems launches CURV 500 portable speaker system

Germany pro-audio brand, LD Systems, a manufacturer of portable array system, has launched the CURV 500 portable speaker system.

The CURV 500 combines mobility, quality of sound perfection and ease-of-use in a fully scalable system.

The speaker columns can accommodate up to four modular, curve-shaped array satellites. The result is three-dimensional sound – similar to the sound of the large line arrays. The system can also be configured for a wide range of applications. With the Entertainer Set, the Power Set and the AV Set, three basic configurations are available, which can be extended and individualised at any time. For this purpose, numerous optional extensions are available.

The system is based on the SmartLink adapter. Building on this, up to four satellite speakers can effortlessly be fitted into each other by means of a click mechanism. Also, the connection to the subwoofer is made via the adapter, which serves as a control unit for the system. The subwoofer is at the same time a classic bass cabinet and a digital mixer. Instruments, microphones, and also laptops can be connected to the 4-channel mixer. Built-in Bluetooth technology enables wireless data transfer. And with the 24-bit processor, 16 digital sound effects can be set within seconds.

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