LD Systems debuts mounted audio DSP Matrix processors

LD Systems has unveiled its Zone X series of DSP matrix processors for use in mounted audio installations, based on a hybrid architecture to allow users to load DSP templates.

The 19-in matrix can be adapted to varying installation requirements without reconfiguration or rewiring, with two models available: The Zone X 1208 and Zone X 1208 D.

Twelve analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs are included to work with a variety of audio and sound applications, with the Zone X 1208 D model offering 64x64 Dante channels for integration of audio over IP.

Both models have 12 balanced microphone/line inputs with microphone preamps that include 48 V phantom power per channel, as well as eight balanced line outputs and eight GPI and eight GPO logic ports.

An integrated Ethernet interface is also included to connect to Xilica Designer software, as well as a remote bus for the integration of LD Systems’ wall panels and paging microphones.

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