LD Systems debuts installation mixing amplifiers

LD Systems has launched its IMA 30 and IMA 60 models of installation mixing amplifiers, including a Bluetooth 4.0 interface for the wireless connection of music sources and a multi-level priority circuit.

The 9.5-in mixing amplifiers can be integrated into commercial industrial applications, with the IMA 30 featuring 35 watts on four ohms) and the IMA 60 featuring 65 watts on four ohms, with four priority levels for emergency announcements, microphone/line inputs and connected music sources as well as a switchable automatic standby mode.

Both amplifiers feature two priority contacts, with an emergency input which mutes all connected signal sources, with the music signal sources able to be independently muted via the prioritised microphone inputs.

The outputs include a dual-band EQ for bass and treble, as well as a 70V/100V tap. A balanced aux line output is also included with music-mix switchover, enabling control of external amplifiers, active subwoofers or systems for standby music.


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