Largest 8K LCD currently available launched by Sharp

Sharp has laid claim to the largest 8K monitor currently available with the release of the 8M-B120C, a 120-in 8K UV²A LCD for professional use.

The 8M-B120C is equipped with a 4m² LCD panel, using 33 million pixels that achieve resolution four times more than 4K Ultra HD and 16 times the resolution of Full HD. The display is suited to broadcast, design and medicine, and high-pressure data-intensive environments such as air traffic control and trading floors.

Largest 8K LCD currently available launched by Sharp

It has a wide colour-gamut and optimised LED backlight. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) further improves the depth of the image by increasing the contrast and colour range. The display delivers a brightness of 600 cd/m² and up to 1000 cd/m² at peak levels working in tandem with local dimming of up to 2,048 zones.

The 8M-B120C uses a frame doubler, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, or up to 120 images per second to reduce motion blur during fast movements.

Four HDMI2.0a 4K ports allow for 8K signal input or a 2 x 2 split screen. The inclusion of one HDMI2.1 port allows users to connect devices with a single cable and a bandwidth up to 48 Gbit/s.

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