Lanner releases VES-310 motherboard

Lanner Electronics has released a low energy motherboard for POS machines, touch screen panel displays and HMI interfaces.

The VES-310 is a 3.5” motherboard made of the new ultra low powered Intel Atom N450 CPU. It comes with both VGA and LVDS video outs and operates between 0 and 6oC.

It utilises Intel Graphics for both LVDS and VGA displays. These displays can be programmed to show independent video, allowing dual video streams. To help with video processing, there is an onboard MPEG 2 hardware decoder.

It features a wealth of I/O connections including line in, audio out, DIO, 2 COM and 2 USB ports. The dual RJ4 LAN ports support Gigabit Ethernet. Additionally, there is also both SATA connections and CompactFlash socket. There is room for expansion both through a proprietary Lanner daughterboard for applications that require LVDS and a mini PCIe slot.

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