Lang to unveil media server HMS-1 at ISE 2016

The latest media server from HMS, the HMS-1, provides 8x DisplayPort 1.2 and can reproduce up to synchronised 12x QFHD image sequences in DDS 50 p.

The server will have a total storage space of 3 terabyte in a redundant RAID-5 system and a throughput of 3.5 GB/s for multiple highly resolved videodata.

It features 4 x 3G SDI inputs to be synched to QFHD 60 p as live input.

In terms of performance, up to 4x BMP single image sequences at 1080 50p can be given out synchronised by the server.

The HMS-1 will be presented by LANG at ISE in Amsterdam from February 9 to 12, 2016.

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