Lab.gruppen unveils Lake processor

The LM 26, digital loudspeaker processor from Lake, is a 2-in, 6-out stand-alone product. It is based on Lake Processing technology and provides seamless compatibility with Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series Powered Loudspeaker Management systems and all Dolby Lake Processors.

Programmable EQ and delay capabilities allow reconfiguration for use as processor and line driver for self-powered loudspeaker applications as well as for systems using separate power amplifiers.

The LM 26 will accept audio signals as analogue, AES digital, or via Audinate’s Dante digital audio network at 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling rates.

Automatic input priority switching may be enabled for fail-safe signal redundancy. Additionally, the unit can function as both an input matrix mixer and Dante break-in and break-out box.

Exclusive Lake processing features incorporated in the LM 26 include Raised Cosine Equalization; linear phase and classical crossovers; and LimiterMax peak and RMS limiters. The Super Module capability allows flexible grouping of processor channels across separate hardware frames, including prior Lake products and PLM Series units.

All functions are controlled via wired or wireless networking by the Windows-based Lake Controller software application. The Lake Controller user interface is optimised for use on a tablet computer to allow easy system adjustments from any point in the venue.

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