L2Tek targets OEMs with CoreEL decoder module

L2Tek is targeting H.264 and MPEG-2 decoder OEMs with the CoreEL AVDM6HD AV decoder module.

The module requires an enclosure and physical electrical connections, including power and a control interface over its serial port, to be ready for market.

It accepts Transport Stream input either over ASI or over an SMPTE 2022 compliant Ethernet interface and provides H.264 and MPEG-2 full HD decoded video output over HD-SDI with embedded 8-channel audio and VBI data. It optionally supports Dolby decoding and Genlock.

The AVDMS6HD module extracts PSI data from the transport stream and delivers it over a serial port to the host controller. The host application needs to program the audio, video, PCR and VBI PIDs. The module can also operate in a plug-and-play mode wherein it will detect the type of video compression, pick-up the first program in the Transport Stream and start decoding.

CoreEL’s solution has been designed for 10-bit IRD, video monitoring, test and measurement equipment, and file/video play-out applications.

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