L2Tek backs UHDTV with display and compression tech

L2Tek has announced 4K display and compression technologies from i-Chips and intoPIX for Ultra-HDTV.

The intoPIX Ultra HD JPEG2000 encoder & decoder FPGA IP-cores offer ultra-low latency signal transmission and lossless video compression while optimising the needs of bandwidth and storage. The i-Chips quad-scalar, the IP00C732, is a complementary flexible display processor that supports a 4096 pixels/line (4K) raster across one to four screens.

The IP00C732 can also be configured to drive a single 1080P or WUXGA output with four input images tiled together on a single output. The device has four input channels at 166 Mpixels/second each in RGB, YUV4:2:2 or YUV4:4:4 formats. It features four independent scaler blocks, with full 10-bit internal processing. The IP00C732 has an output overlay block that is fully programmable to suit different applications. The block can be programmed to superimpose all four inputs in any combination with alpha blending or colour key blending. When used on a single high-resolution display, the device has an image overlap feature to produce a seamless image without any artefacts.

IntoPIX encoder and decoder cores run on Altera or Xilinx FPGAs. The 4K and preliminary announced 8K cores have an optimised FPGA footprint, reach 60 frames per second and offer flexibility in the codestream bitrate control. This enables visually or mathematically lossless compression. Maximum bit depth is 12 Bits per component. Low latency - less than one frame - and chrominance sub-sampling of 4:4:4 or 4:2:2, make these cores suitable for digital cinema and emerging UHDTV applications.