L-Acoustics launches X Series at Prolight + Sound 2015

At the opening of the Prolight + Sound conference, L-Acoustics has announced the launch of the X Series, a line of coaxial speakers for the installation and rental markets.

The three new enclosures in the X Series family directly benefit from the research and development that led to the launch of K2 last year. 

The X Series responds to the demands of sound designers.  Improvements include high-excursion neodymium drivers, ellipsoid directivity, laminar vented ports and up to 30 per cent weight reduction.  Used as a stage monitor, the X Series offers low latency monitor presets and a seven per cent lower profile.  In installation applications the X Series comes with a range of flexible rigging accessories and a RAL custom colour program.  

The X8 is the live monitor of the X series. The X8 is designed for operation at FOH position or in control rooms.  Its wide conical directivity pattern imparts a sense of spatialization, with no minimum listening distance.

The X12 can cover multiple applications in rental and installation. An ellipsoid directivity of 90° x 60° makes it adaptable to FOH application. The X12 comes with a range of rigging accessories and RAL colour program for application versatility and ease of integration.

The X15 is the powerhouse of the series, with exceptional power in beamwidth and acoustic isolation.  Its 40° x 60° directivity gives it immunity to feedback, making it suitable for the stage.

X Series come as an addition to the 5XT launched in 2013. X series will ship in Q4 2015.

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