KV2 debuts SL6.10 subwoofer

KV2 has updated is SL series with the new SL6.10 subwoofer, replacing the SL2.15 model.

The SL6.10 measures 350mm deep, designed to integrate aesthetically with the SL412. The model can also combine acoustically with the VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers as part of an active five-way system when needed.

Six 10-in front loaded bass drivers are included, with a two-in voice coil assembly and a ferrite magnetic motor structure, with capacity for up to three SL6.10 subwoofers able to be powered from one channel of a VHD3200/3200D amplifier.

The SL6.10 can be wall-mounted, suspended or ground stacked and can also be installed directly into walls and surfaces. Custom colours are available, alongside custom grille templates and logos.

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