KV2 Audio to debut slimline ESR models at ISE 2023

KV2 Audio will showcase its new, slimline, ESR products at ISE 2023: Highlighting the ESR106 loudspeaker and ESR2600D amplifier.

The slimline ESR106 is an active-drive three way system, deploying a column array of six-in woofers. Eight six-in woofers are used, alongside two six-in mid bass woofers and a single one-in high-frequency driver mounted on a wide dispersion horn.

The ESR106 has a controlled coverage at low and mid frequencies to reduce indoor reflections, incorporating multiple fixing points for external brackets and flyware.

The ESR2600D amplifier is a two-channel, three-way active control and amplification system which houses all signal processing amplification within a 4RU module.

Control and crossover functions are available for adding external subwoofer cabinets if required by using external amplifiers.

The amplifier also features a stereo mode, enabling the ESR2600D to power two ESR106s and is configurable via the front panel or remotely using the KV2 control and diagnostics tool.

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