Kudo brings new features with version 3.0 update

Kudo has launched version 3.0 of its platform, with new features allowing clients to accommodate offline users in multilingual meetings through regular phone lines.

Kudo’s new ‘dial-in’ feature allows users to join meetings remotely by calling a dedicated number from a landline or mobile phone, entering the meeting ID and joining in the language that the user prefers. 

The new feature is currently limited to callers in the United States, with plans to add more countries over the coming months. 

The automatic prompt and email flow function has also been improved alongside new security enhancements across the platform. 

Interpreters can also use Kudo v3.0 to take turns at the microphone when two interpreters are not sharing the same physical space, with the interpreter interface featuring a handover button and a streamlined workflow for shift splitting. 

Interpreters can switch the microphone between them and manage one same language channel. 

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