Kramer unveils four speaker families

Kramer Electronics has expanded its end-to-end audio products with four families of speakers; Galil, Yarden, Tavor and Dolev.

The Galil line offers a range of 4”/6.5”/8” open and closed (UL) in-ceiling round speakers and a full line of 4”/5.25”/6.5” on-wall speakers. All speakers include tapping transformers (70V/100V/8O).

The Yarden family is the performance-based line that includes 4”/6.5”/8” in-ceiling round speakers and 4”/5.25”/6.5” on-wall speakers with multiple tweeters that provide varying degrees of dispersion for a variety of purposes.

The Tavor line of powered speakers offers all-in-one solutions where time and space saving installations are important.

Dolev is a family of bi-amplified studio-grade speakers that deliver clear and balanced flat response with low THD even at high volume.

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