Kramer unveils 4K-UHD ProScale presentation switcher/scaler

Kramer has announced the release of the VP-732 ProScale presentation switcher/scaler, designed for classrooms and boardrooms.

With support for digital and analogue video, analogue stereo and embedded audio signals, the 10-input presentation switcher/scaler up- or down-scales to independent Program and Preview outputs. The unit features two HDMI, one DisplayPort and one HD-15 (VGA).

In Preview mode, the VP-732 scales two inputs independently to two different outputs – program up to 4K-UHD@30 and Preview up to 720p. VP-732 also offers a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode where two inputs can be displayed simultaneously on the same output. The unit includes a 2x10 power amplifier for driving external speakers.

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