Kramer offers cloud based control system

Kramer has released Kramer Control, a cloud-based system for control and built on a distributed architecture.

Kramer Control lets users navigate to any room in an organisation and control AV systems, infrastructures and devices, including Kramer wireless collaboration products, audio products and systems, thermostats, HVAC, lights, shades, alarms, security and video conferencing.

The platform is made up of three modules: Manager, Builder and Analytics Dashboard, with options for public, private or hybrid cloud implementation.

Manager is used for defining project content and scope such as building layout, floors and rooms. The cloud-based Builder lets users create, edit and configure room control systems from anywhere in the world. With access to a library of pre-installed smart device drivers, users can drag-and-drop devices without prior programing knowledge. 

The Analytics Dashboard (powered by Kramer Network) automatically gathers all control data and generates actionable business analytics such as device health and performance, room usage, operational efficiency, energy usage, and more. Data gathering is optional and can be disabled or enabled based on user preference. 

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