Kramer's new wearable tech to maintain social distancing

Kramer has launched Corona Tag, a wearable device designed to eliminate the need for sitewide shutdowns in case of a Covid-19 infection in workplaces, schools or any public venues. Corona Tag can identify high risk contacts to help maintain business continuity.

Corona Tag monitors social distancing by tracking the distance and exposure time between tags using low energy Bluetooth signals. It operates automatically when worn and stays active for months without any recharging requirements.

Corona Tag is designed for privacy in accordance with GDPR and stringent user privacy requirements. No personal data such as names and locations visited is stored in the tags. The only information they do record is other tags’ physical MAC address and the time spent together in proximity. Retrieving the information from the tags can be done only by a certified administrator via a specially designated USB cable.

The device does not rely on any external hardware, third party technologies or communication signals. This self-sufficiency alleviates the challenges of needing mobile phones or connections such as GPRS, WiFi or GPS. Corona Tag cannot receive data from any other devices.

When someone tests positive for Covid-19, an approved company administrator uses the MAC address to access information about all the tags that have come into contact with that person over the last two weeks – so that only the people who are at risk of infection can be notified to take the correct precautions.

The administrator can set the distance and length of encounter parameters to be instantly responsive to ever-changing local regulations.

Operationally, no special infrastructure or training to use the administration software is required. The devices store information for two weeks and no central databases of any encounters are created. The battery life lasts up to six months before requiring replacement and the tag is activated automatically with movement, so there is no need to manually power the tag on or off.  

The compact size means the Corona Tag can easily be attached to a lanyard. Multiple coloor options and customised logo additions are available to suit corporate branding and identities.

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