Kramer introduces VIA collaboration range

Kramer Electronics has announced the introduction of the VIA product line, including the VIA Collage, the VIA Connect PRO, and the VIA Connect.

The VIA product line is a range of wireless collaboration devices allow people to connect, collaborate in real time, in a seamless and simple way.

VIA Collage is a wireless device designed to solve BYOD challenges, it allows for the integration of PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, allowing users to wirelessly collaborate in any meeting.

With the VIA Collage, files can be shared between participants or with all participants at once. The VIA Collage also allows for full 1080p/60 HD video streaming and the main unit has an HDMI input to allow the integration of an external video source. Up to six presenters' screens can be displayed on a single display device and up to 12 can be shown simultaneously when two display devices are used.

The VIA Collage is actually a PC so it also supports third party applications such as Skype, Go To Meeting, Lync, WebEx, PowerPoint and more.

VIA Collage also has built-in 1024 bit encryption for information sent between the Collage and the meeting participants as well as a dynamic room code to prevent unauthorised participation in the meeting. The digital canvas created by the VIA Collage allows meeting participants to all work on the same document in real time and save the results to their device. 

The VIA Connect PRO allows users to share files, chat with other attendees and collaborate together on a shared document using the whiteboard feature from their own devices, in addition to being able to present their screens simultaneously.

The VIA Connect is the budget offering of the range, and it is a wireless presentation hub that can tile up to four users on a single screen and allows and attendee to step-in as the main presenter.

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