Kramer Introduces the VS-808TP 8X8 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher

Kramer Electronics has introduced the VS-808TP 8X8 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher for analog twisted pair signals.

It features eight inputs and eight outputs for remote connection with compatible TP transmitters and receivers. The switcher is designed to work with the auto-adjusting TP-133/TP-134 transmitter/receiver pair. An additional, switchable VGA, stereo audio and RS-232 local input (built-in transmitter) and output (built-in receiver) allows direct connection of the signals (analog video up to WUXGA, audio and RS-232) with these compatible units. It also includes audio-follow-video or breakaway switching for audio signals and 15 user-programmable presets for quick-change configurations.

It routes and distributes signals both from a local and/or remote source, at extended ranges of up to 200m (656ft).

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