Kramer introduces master room controller

Kramer has introduced RC-74DL, a master room controller that combines control of audio, video, and computer-video sources into one centralised system.

It can function as a standalone unit that controls room facilities such as: lights, screens, drapes, etc., or as part of a more demanding K-Net room control system.

The RC-74DL combines 12 configurable, multi-colour front panel buttons with LCD text button group labels. Each button of the unit supports the ability to hold multiple layers of functionality for the same button. The RC-74DL also has a rotary controller that may be configured as a digital volume control knob or set up for any other function.

The unit has an Ethernet port and three bidirectional RS-232 ports for controlling AV equipment, four relay contact closure ports that conveniently control other room items related to the AV system and two general purpose I/O ports that can function as digital inputs/outputs or analog inputs, interfacing with a variety of devices such as sensors, switches, LEDs, or relays.

It is compatible with Kramer’s Site-CTRL software for remote room control and monitoring over Ethernet. The unit’s features are configured via Kramer's GUI based configuration software, K-Config.

The RC-74DL fits a standard US 3 gang electrical box. Installation in wooden or plaster walls is facilitated by a supplied mud-ring.

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