Kramer introduces KIT-400 multi-input transmitter and receiver

Kramer has released the KIT-400, a multi-input transmitter and receiver, to provide switching and scaling up to 4K60 4:4:4 for meeting rooms.

Kramer’s KIT-400 includes the ability to store pre-defined room setups, letting meetings start quckly, and easily facilitate connections to wireless host devices, such as the VIA GO2.

KIT-400 simplifies meeting room usage with advanced Kramer Maestro room automation and pre-installed Kramer Aware touch panel control integration. Its HDBaseT output and bi-directional powering also simplifies installation and setup.

KIT-400 is the core of the Kramer@Work KR-4000 meeting space system with two local HDMI inputs and a local VGA input.

KIT-400 serves as a high-end 4K60 4:4:4 scaler equipped with a remote HDMI input for digital signal connectivity or connecting VIA wireless collaboration devices. The HDBaseT connection between the local and remote devices enables powering at either the receiver or the transmitter side.

Suitable for IoT and smart buildings, KIT-400 offers integration with occupancy sensors. Users can choose RS-232 and CEC for display control.

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