Kramer introduces 910 audio preamplifier and mixer

Kramer Electronics has introduced the 910 Digital Audio Preamplifier and Mixer for boardrooms, classrooms and training rooms.

It is a high-performance stereo audio preamplifier and mixer that accepts balanced and unbalanced stereo audio, S/PDIF digital audio, and a microphone input. It then processes the signals and out them to balanced, unbalanced and S/PDIF outputs.

The 910 has four inputs; one unbalanced stereo audio input and one S/PDIF input on RCA connectors, one balanced stereo audio input on a five-pin terminal block, and one mono balanced microphone input on an XLR (F) connector. The microphone input has a switch to choose between a condenser or dynamic mic input (it provides 15V phantom power when the MIC switch is set for a condenser microphone). These inputs can be selected individually or at the same time when using the talk over, mix, or override modes. The 910 has one unbalanced stereo audio output and one S/PDIF output on RCA connectors, and one balanced stereo audio output on a five-pin terminal block. All outputs are live at the same time.

The 910 features various audio controls, including volume, balance, bass, mid, treble, loudness, seven-band equalizer, delay, mute, expand and compress.

The 910 also features a 24-character by 2-line LCD display, and can be controlled using the front panel buttons as well as remotely by RS-232 serial commands (with the included Windows-based control software), Ethernet, or IR with the included RC-IR2 remote control transmitter. The 910 also includes memory locations that store up to four presets to be recalled and executed as needed, and also features a USB port for convenient firmware upgrades.

The 910 is powered by a standard worldwide power supply and is housed in a standard 19” rack mount size with rack mount “ears” included.

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