Kramer Introduces 2K compatible scaler/switchers

Kramer Electronics has introduced the VP-441 and VP-443 digital scaler/switchers with 2K input and output resolution support.

The VP-441 is a scaler/switcher with seven inputs: two component video on RCA connectors, one computer graphics video on a 15-pin HD connector, one composite video on an RCA connector, one s-Video on a 4-pin connector and two HDMI signals.

The VP-443 is a presentation scaler/switcher with ten inputs: four HDMI, two computer graphics video on 15-pin HD connectors, two composite video on RCA connectors and two component video on RCA connectors.

Both the VP-441 and the VP-443 scale the video signal, embed any audio signal, and output the signal simultaneously to an HDMI output, a computer graphics video output on a 15-pin HD connector, and to an analogue RGBHV video output on 5 BNC connectors.  They also provide both a dedicated digital audio output and a dedicated analogue stereo audio output.

The VP-441 and the VP-443 scaler/switchers support 20 different resolutions up to WUXGA & 2048x1080. They feature Kramer’s K-Storm scaling technology.

Kramer’s VP-441 and VP-443 2K compatible scaler/switchers ensure compatibility with the largest screens at the highest resolutions.

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