Kramer goes long with DVI over twisted pair

Kramer Electronics can send DVI signals long distances over twisted pair cables with its PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP twisted pair transmitter and receiver.

The PT-571HDCP converts a DVI signal into a signal that can be run over shielded twisted pair cables. The PT-572HDCP receiver then converts the signal back to a DVI signal. Both units feature a bandwidth of up to 1.65Gbps and are HDCP compliant and HDTV compatible.

A DVI signal can be transmitted up to 90 meters at SXGA resolution and up to 30 meters at UXGA resolution when using Kramer’s shielded BC-DGKat524 cable. Kramer’s shielded BC-DGKat623 cable can extend the range for UXGA to 70 meters. Furthermore, the company is set to launch the shielded BC-DGKat7a23 cable that will extend the range to 80 meters for UXGA signals.

The PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP use a multicoloured status LED that illuminates red when receiving power only, orange when an input signal (on the PT-571HDCP) or output signal (on the PT-572HDCP) and power are attached, and yellow when both an active input and output are attached. The PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP pass the EDID and HPD signals from the source to the display device over the twisted pair cable together with the DVI signal. The PT-571HDCP employs Kramer’s Power Connect feature where a single connection to the transmitter powers both units. The required 12V DC is transmitted through the twisted pair cable, along with the other signals, to the receiver.

The PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP are housed in the compact Pico TOOLS enclosure.

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