Kramer focuses on IP for InfoComm showing

Kramer focused on IP based AV offerings at InfoComm when it showed Maestro room automation software, VIAware BYOD wireless presentation software and Kramer Nework.

Kramer Maestro is a single-trigger room automation software solution that enables configuration, monitoring and management for meeting room scenarios. Maestro is currently featured in the DIP-31M 4K60 auto switcher and is an optional extra for other Kramer products. 

VIAware is Kramer’s software-only solution for BYOD wireless presentation and collaboration in corporate and education environments. Participants can edit documents together in real time, share any file sizes and turn the main display into a whiteboard. 

Kramer Network Virtualized AV Services feature Kramer KDS-6 streamers. The streaming and management system is suited to a range of applications, including education, entertainment, medical and military. 

The company’s IP-based digital sound processor, the KN-DSP100, was revealed. The product provides DSP capabilities powered by Waves Audio and offers simultaneous processing of 64 input channels and distribution of over 1000 outputs over an IP network. 

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