Kramer expands K-Touch capabilities

Kramer Electronics has built on its K-Touch control software with the introduction of K-Touch 2.0.0, K-Touch Builder version 2.0.0.

The Android app supports the same features as the iOS app, including improved variables and improved multi-state images for the cloud based system.

URL widget views now refresh at a user-defined interval and Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Action - WoL is now an Action object.

The WoL object can be added to a macro on a button or a link or in a panel entrance to improve control of WoL devices.

Automatic discovery of some UPnP devices is now supported and the URL scheme has been rebuilt with linking.

The handset layout grid can now be as fine as required so the grid can be the same size as the number of pixels in the handset.

Multiple objects can be selected and edited, moved and aligned together. Auto-discovered gateway IP addresses are tracked so they can move and still work.

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