Kramer debuts new Omnivore microphone at ISE 2020

Kramer has introduced its KM-2B Omnivore microphone range at the show, a multi-purpose dual boundary microphone that removes comb filtering, with three selectable polar patterns: Omnidirectional for small/medium meeting spaces, sub-cardioid for use under the display in a huddle space and cardioid for installation on the podium for the lecturer.

A selectable high-pass filter (HPF) at 120Hz is included, with the two microphones in the KM-2B able to be summed into a single channel or output two separate signals for redundancy.
A boost mode is included, allowing for an extra 12dB of microphone sensitivity, allowing for a gain stage if the microphone is far from the speaker, with boost able to be cancelled to avoid clipping at the microphone. 

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