Kramer ceiling speakers tailored to pro and education markets

Kramer Electronics’ recently introduced SPK-CCF848, is an Equal Sound Dispersion (ESD) ceiling speaker that can be tailored to professional video or educational markets.

The SPK-CCF848 ESD comes in PRO or EDU and has eight different configurations of stereo or mono, full-tile or half-tile versions.

The Complete K-overage ESD, with a patent pending design, has built−in stereo separation. It is constructed with a central driver and four pivoting tweeters that direct the sound, based on the room environment, for equal sound dispersion (ESD). This patent allows an unmatched, true 180° sound dispersion with no need for multiple standard speakers.

The SPK-CCF848 speaker provides smooth frequency response. The professional version (PRO) is optimised for music and high−quality voice reproduction and is suitable for boardrooms, hotel lobbies and airports. The educational version (EDU) is optimised for speech, making it suitable for universities, classrooms and presentation venues. The EDU model also has a bass port for a bass reflex effect.

The speaker comes in a 4-inch deep (approx. 100mm) shallow enclosure. It can be mounted on the ceiling and has a grill that looks and feels like a suspended ceiling tile.

The speakers are fully RoHS compliant, in accordance with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations that restrict the use of certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment.

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