Kramer adds ProScale Presentation Switcher

Kramer has introduced the ProScale Presentation Switcher, which features a combination of digital (HDMI) and legacy (VGA, Composite Video) inputs specifically designed for classrooms and lecture halls.

The VP−445 is a high−performance presentation scaler/switcher for HDMI, computer graphics and composite video signals. The unit scales the video and gives you an option to embed HDMI or analog audio. Then it sends the signal to two HDMI outputs and S/PDIF and balanced stereo audio outputs simultaneously.

In includes 6 HDMI, 4 VGA and 2 Composite Video inputs, 2 microphone Inputs (for mixing, switching or talk-over), 2 HDMI Mirrored outputs and 12 unbalanced stereo inputs and embedded audio for HDMI, each with level controls.

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