Klotz replaces cable adapters with SpeakerLink

Klotz Cables' SpeakerLink is designed to replace conventional speaker cable adapters and simplify speaker cabling for stage or rigs.

The cable manufacturer worked with a German speaker manufacturer to develop the SpeakerLink speaker connection system. 

It features Neutrik NLT8MP and NLT4MP SpeakON panel-mount connectors and is bi-directional. 

As the 'input box' behind the amps, it adapts up to four different speaker channels to an 8-pin SpeakON panel connector. 

On the speaker side, SpeakerLink acts as an 'output box' and adapts the speaker channels to four (passive LS) or two (2-way active) NLT4MP.

A circuit diagram printed on the SpeakerLink housing provides an overview of the SpeakerLink's key technical details.

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