KlarkTeknik launches networked digital audio processor

Klark Teknik has unveiled its DM8500 networked digital audio processor, featuring user-configurable DSP, audio networking and acoustic echo cancellation.

A library of processing modules is included, such as dual redundant Dante/AES 67 compatible 64x64 network audio transport, ultranet 16 channel digital audio transport output for compatible devices, 24 freely assignable wideband AEC processors and more, with each module able to be deployed and configured using DM Designer software. 

DM Designer software allows the signal and processing structure to be defined and compiled on a PC, running within the DM8500’s onboard DSP. 

Multiple routing options, inputs and outputs are included alongside built-in audio networking, with 128 channels of Dante digital audio networking for integration with addition equipment. 

128 channel dual redundant Dante/AES67 audio networking is included as standard, with up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs able to be configured by using the Dante Controller application to route audio in real time on to the network or by using the Dante routing engine embedded in DM Designer at the design stage. 

The DM8500 can integrate with computer-based conferencing systems using embedded USB and control/monitor external devices using built-in Ethernet and RS232 ports. 

The DM8500’s digital audio processor is also based around an open architecture format to allow integrators to configure the DM8500. 

A wide band AEC module is featured to detect and address secondary room reflections from the signal path, with an auto mixer and feedback suppressor modules automatically adjusting and balancing levels for multiple inputs, combining them into a single output while the feedback suppressor acts as a parametic equaliser, detecting and removing feedback frequencies. 

Connections for 10 analogue universal mic/line inputs are included, as well as six electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs, class compliant USB audio for integration with soft codec-based conferencing systems and a 16 channel ultranet digital audio transport for use with compatible devices. 

The DM8500 also includes embedded control modules for compatible Lab.Gruppen network amplifiers to permit native amplifier control and monitoring from DM Designer and from Klark Teknik’s DM Kontrol control panel application, allowing the DM8500 to make use of its HTML engine to serve control pages to any network once control panels have been created. 

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