Kiloview unveils 4K multi-channel media gateway

Kiloview has launched its MG300 NDI HX 4K transcoder UHD multi-channel media gateway, providing multi-channel video decoding between NDI HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, TS-UDP and HLS to SDI and HDMI.

The MG300 adds multi-view output and streaming, video image segmentation, protocol cross conversion, streaming media and distribution services. 

The gateway can also work as a streaming media server with capacity for up to 100 concurrent access points. 

Video/audio decoding of media protocols is supported, with up to nine channel, 1080p picture synthesis and picture/text overlay with a direct output as SDI or HDMI.

The MG300 gateway can be applied to RTSP LAN monitoring or other IP-camera video live broadcasts over public networks, capable of switching images for on-site cameras with different angles, multi-party video collaboration, SIP video conference to live webcast, IP stream distribution forwarding/switching/live streaming and streaming media decoding to display multi-channel split screen display. 

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