Key Digital launches HDMI matrix switcher with audio distribution

Key Digital has unveiled the Digital IQ Series KD-HD8X8BT HDMI HDBaseT, an 8x8 matrix switch with onboard multichannel audio.

It is supported technologies including 3D and HDBaseT and features 8 inputs to 8 outputs HDBT/HDMI/DVI via single CAT6/STP matrix switcher, as well as an AudioFlex system in which multi-channel audio can be routed to capable zones.
It also has a built-in EDID library with 12 default EDID configurations, in addition to the native EDID data for any output/display.
The TMDS re-clock offers necessary support for long HDMI/DVI or CAT6/STP cable runs as well as daisy chain configurations. Full Buffer technology provides full buffering of HDCP and EDID for seamless and fast switching.

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