Key Digital launches 4x2 matrix switcher

Key Digital has announced the release of KD-MLV4x2, a 4x2 multiview seamless matrix switcher with support for UHD and 4K.

Designed for digital signage environments, the KD-MLV4x2 switches content from four HDMI/analog source to two HDMI outputs in independent in full-screen and quadrant modes. Multiview window processing allows operators to create and store custom layouts and recall custom presets in 1080p (2K) multiview mode. Outputs independently upscale to Ultra HD/4K in 4K quadrant mode.

Key Digital state the switcher offers uninterrupted screen transitions during source selections in both full-screen mode and multi-view mode.

Operators are able to layer images via custom priority settings and alter window bezel width and the colouring of content thanks to transparent windows and borders.

The KD-MLV4x2 also can provide analog to digital video conversion with input ports supporting VGA / DB15 or Component / YPbPr signal types.

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