KAM launches two multi-channel wireless microphone systems

KAM has launched its KWM1940 multi-channel professional wireless system and KWM1932 fixed channel professional system.

The KWM1940 multi-channel professional wireless system features two programmable Dynamic Cardioid wireless microphones powered by two X1.5V AA batteries which are included in the KWM1940 package with ACT windows and LCD displays showing frequency, channel and gain settings, fitted with an internal HI/LO gain switch.

The KWM1940 system has a working distance of up to 50 metres, transmitting to the KWM1940 21-channel UHF receiver operating between 863.00MHz – 865.00MHz.

The KWM1940 mains powered UHF base receiver also has individual microphone volume controls, channel and frequency adjust options, as well as set buttons, an IR indicator window to pair the microphones and an LCD display showing channel, frequency and RF/AF signal information.

Outputs include separate balanced A-B and A-B mix with both antennas being removeable for transporting and storage.

The KWM1932 fixed-channel professional system features two wireless microphones, each with colour coded bases and LCD displays showing frequency and channel information.

KAM Mic 2

The system also features a working distance of up to 50 metres, transmitting to the KWM1932 fixed-channel receiver between 863.50MHz – 865.00MHz.

The KWM1932 mains powered fixed-channel UHF base receiver features a LCD display showing channel and frequency information with separate AF/RD LED channel indicators and individual microphone controls.

Outputs are included, with separate, balanced A-B and A-B Mix as well as featuring removeable antennas for transportation and storage.

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