K-array’s Compact Design goes full-range

K-array has introduced a new full-range speaker line called Domino. Made of compact stainless steel, the loudspeakers offer plug and play capabilities, do not require presets and can be driven by any amplifier, making them suitable for a range of venues from restaurants to live concert settings.

The line consists of three speakers: the KF26, the KF210 and the KF212.

The KF26 is the smallest of the trio measuring less than 12 cm deep. It is comprised of a 6-in and a 2-in neodymium magnet woofer coaxially mounted plus one 6-in passive radiator to extend the bass response.

The KF26 has a selectable impedance (8/32) and 90° coverage, horizontally and vertically. Designed as a passive speaker, the KF26 can be transformed into a self-powered speaker just by inserting the specific amplifier accessory, KA1-FF. With a max SPL of 109dB, the KF26 is suitable for smaller installations that require audio in a compact form.

The KF210 is the mid-sized option of the Domino line that has a 10-in and a 3-in neodymium magnet woofer coaxially mounted in addition to a 10-in passive radiator. Like the KF26, the KF210 has selectable impedance and wide vertical and horizontal coverage.

The largest and most powerful of the Domino line is the KF212. Comprised of a 12-in coaxial transducer with a titanium dome and a 12-in passive radiator, the KF212 is suitable for clubs and lounges to live concerts.

The Domino line is accompanied by several product-specific accessories that can enhance the system’s setup. Wall brackets are included while other tools are available like the flush mount recessing frame, K-WF26 and K-WF210, used to further hide the speakers.

Domino is available in a 24K gold plated finish as well as brushed or polished stainless steel finishes in addition to the standard black and white, rendering them suitable for any venue.

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