Jetbuilt launches bid processing service

Jetbuilt has announced its bid processing offering, designed for integrators, consultants and end users to manage project bidding and evaluation processes within Jetbuilt.

Bid processing is built to accelerate the bid evaluation process, enabling consultants and end users to send a formal request for proposal (RFP) or bid tender to one or more preferred integrators within Jetbuilt. The project is outlined in a digital RFP which can be created and updated quickly.

Integrators receive a fully-populated project within the Jetbuilt environment, cutting out the need for manual importing of each item inside a project from each sender’s various formats and organisational approaches. All locations, systems and scope are organised nd defined, reducing an integrator’s estimating and response time.

 All requests for information are handled within the platform, as well as document and image sharing, approvals for alternative products and more.

Integrators can submit their proposals, allowing for consultants and end users to evaluate the project based on value, system performance and certifications, awarding the project to their preferred vendor.

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