JBL Professional SLP on-wall loudspeakers now shipping in UK

Sound Technology, Harman Professional’s distributor in the UK and ROI has announced shipping of the JBL Professional SLP Series low-profile on-wall loudspeakers in the UK.

The SLP12/T and SLP14/T full-range on-wall loudspeakers are designed to provide broad coverage in a low-profile enclosure. The SLP series features a 15-watt multi-tap transformer for use in 70V/100V systems, switchable for direct eight-ohm operation.

A JBL three-in driver is included with 40-watt power handling for the SLP12/T and a JBL four-in driver with 50-Watt power handling for the SLP14/T.

A slide-in wall bracket is included with 15 degrees down-tilted coverage for mounting flush against a wall. A rain cover is also included to protect the terminal compartment in outdoor applications.

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