JBL integrates Smaart Software with HiQnet Performance Manager

JBL Professional by Harman has unveiled the latest update to its HiQnet Performance Manager 2.1 software, featuring Rational Acoustics’ Smaart acoustic testing and measurement software.

Performance Manager now offers audio technicians and engineers tools for measuring and tuning live sound reinforcement systems over the network in real-time.  

The Smaart dual-channel, FFT-based software allows operators to diagnose and solve issues by analysing the frequency content of signals and measure the response of electrical and electro-acoustic systems in detail. Mix engineers can use Smaart to identify tones or frequencies of interest and help with tasks like feedback suppression and channel equalisation. System engineers can use Smaart to accelerate and streamline the process of setting up and aligning JBL speaker systems in a performance environment.

“With version 2.1, real-time frequency and phase response measurements are displayed and controlled within Performance Manager, allowing engineers to measure and adjust system parameters from one screen. This simplifies and accelerates the system optimisation process while eliminating opportunities for errors,” commented George Georgallis, product manager, tour sound systems, at Harman Professional Solutions.

Performance Manager 2.1 also now features a Go-Online mode to offer more options for system synchronisation and management of online devices. A Line Array Control Panel has additionally been added to simplify use of a Line Array Calculator, and features have been added to Select Input Source mode to improve management and monitoring of AES audio distribution. 

The software update is available immediately.

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