JBL debuts suspension accessories for VerTec

JBL Professional showed off its VerTec subcompact suspension accessories at ISE in Amsterdam last week.

The VerTec hardware is designed to enable quick assembly of variable curvature vertical or modular constant-curvature horizontal line arrays. The equipment line now includes the VT4886-SF Short Frame, the VT4886-HB Horizontal Bar, and VT4886-DF88 and VT4886-DF89 Downfill Frames.

The VT4886-SF Short Frame suspends VT4886 arrays by coupling to existing integrated hardware on the VerTec enclosures, and is suitable for use when limited space is available above or behind the array due to wall surfaces or venue obstructions. It weighs 5.6 kg and has a machined- aluminium frame with receiver blocks is fitted with steel quick-release pins and restraining lanyards. A pullback point enables attachment to the bottom of an array to enable radical downward angles. The VT4886-HB Horizontal Bar can suspend up to six horizontally-oriented VT4886 line array elements, enabling the assembly of constant-coverage arrays for centre fill and other applications.

The VT4886-DF88 and VT4886-DF89 Downfill Frames each support up to eight VT4886 subcompact line array elements. The VT4886-DF88 connects the elements beneath midsize VT4888 full-range or VT4882 subwoofer arrays, while the VT4886-DF89 suspends the elements beneath full-size VT4889/VT4889-1 full-range or VT4880/VT4880A subwoofer arrays. The two strong, lightweight downfill frames weigh 11.3 kg and 13.4 kg, respectively.

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