Jabra introduces PanaCast 50 video bar

Jabra has updated the PanaCast camera line-up with the PanaCast 50 video bar, and PanaCast 20 personal camera.

The PanaCast 50 adjusts the video stream to follow the action in the meeting. The Virtual Director feature uses both AI-based video and audio streams, as well as Jabra’s proprietary AI algorithms, to automatically adjust the frame according to what’s happening in the meeting. This allows Jabra PanaCast 50 to detect active speakers and the flow of conversation.

Jabra introduces PanaCast 50 video bar

Three 13-megapixel cameras mounted in a high-precision multi-camera array create an immersive 180° field of view in Panoramic-4K that covers the whole room. HD real-time video stitching technology uses algorithms to decide exactly the right way to live-stitch the video streams together in real time with ultra-low latency.

Jabra PanaCast 50 features nine Edge processors, including two Edge AI processors, specifically engineered for audio and video. This system architecture enables the video bar to carry out real-time integration of audio, video and data.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 can deliver two video streams simultaneously. This allows the device to perform multiple functions at once, so while one video stream is busy focusing on the meeting participants, the second can be used to focus on a particular area of interest within the room.

In addition to dual video streams, the PanaCast 50 also delivers an independent always-180° data stream which provides anonymous people count meta-data as real-time numerical information. 

The Jabra PanaCast 20 features AI that is managed on-device with Edge processing – and advanced experiences are generated directly on the device without extra data being sent to the cloud for processing, without need to install additional software. All the experiences are powered on the device itself, significantly minimising the risk of security breaches and maximising speed, accuracy, and the overall quality of the experience. For those using the camera, it has a built-in lens cover to guarantee privacy, and prevent the camera being left “on” accidentally, adding an extra layer of ‘peace of mind’ for the user.

Jabra introduces PanaCast 50 video bar

PanaCast 20 deliver images and audio via 4K Ultra HD Video, HDR video as well as personalised Intelligent Zoom, which always frames the main user properly, regardless of their environment. It also has automatic lighting correction, so whatever the time of day, or the situation in which they’re collaborating, their video stream is optimised in the best way feasible. 


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