Jabra debuts wireless headset for ‘frontline’ workers

Jabra has launched its Perform 45, a wireless Bluetooth mono headset designed for ‘frontline’ workers.

The Perform 45 is integrated with push-to-talk (PTT) platforms to gain access to other colleagues rapidly via a PTT button located directly on the headset for quick access. 

The PTT button works with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Walkie Talkie and Zebra Workforce Connect and can be integrated with a company’s preferred platform using the Jabra SDK. 

Users can harness Jabra Xpress management software, enabling users to keep track, update and customize all devices across the whole organisation. 

 The Perform 45 includes a noise-cancelling microphone that can remove up to 80% of background noise for use in noisy environments. 

Additionally, a ‘Face2Face’ feature is included in the headset which mutes all incoming audio by lifting the microphone boom arm to a vertical position, enabling workers to engage face to face with customers or other colleagues. 

When the boom arm is pulled back down, the PTT channel is automatically reengaged. 

Three sizes of EarGel are also included to allow workers to wear the headset comfortably on the left or right ear. 

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