IR conferencing: added security

Audio-Technica released its ATCS-60 wireless conferencing system offering infrared communication between delegate microphone units and master control unit. The company claims increased security over UHF and 2.5Ghz-based systems, with signals unable to pass through conference venue walls.

Up to 150 delegates can be catered for with ATCS-M60 delegate units in manual mode (50 in automatic mode) and the flexible routing and multi-channel operation of the system can handle simultaneous interpretation involving one native and three foreign languages.

The component parts of the ATCS-60 comprise the ATCS-M60 delegate unit, the ATCS-60MIC double-gooseneck hypercardioid condenser microphone, the ATCS-C60 master control unit, the ATCS-A60 IR transmitter/receiver, and ATCS-C60MAG software.

Audio recording and minute taking are possible with enhanced software, as is video recording, with programmability to allow cameras to follow the delegate unit currently in use.

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