IP videowall controller from Opticis

The Opticis IPVDS-700-ED IP videowall controller is designed to handle multiple AV sources on a videowall display, as well as other displays, simultaneously.

It supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) and IR signal transmission over IP networks. It can split high quality video into multiple videos and play it on various displays.

IPVDS-700-ED is suited to managing large videowall systems in control rooms, security and traffic control environments as well as in general fields such as conference rooms, education rooms or presentation rooms.

It provides a virtual matrix function with TX(host) and RX(client) via the IP network and allows users to monitor and control the videowall. It offers excellent performance, simple operating process and is cost effective compared to complicated Matrix systems with copper cable. 

The IPVDS basic software program that is provided with the purchase of the IPVDS-700-ED can be used for host allocation and preview with drag and drop operation. Users can merge, split, overlay and clear for host allocation and view the preview scene on the ‘Layout Manager’ before applying it to real display monitors. The software provides 99 presets for user defined layout (save and loading) and also adjusts bezel compensation in 0.1mm units.

The Pro version software is a paid for option that provides a multiple wall feature and encoder crop setup for up to nine different video walls. The multiple videowall feature enables the user to isolate control of each videowall when various videowalls are installed in different sites. The crop feature allows the user to crop an image by rows and columns and use the cropped image as a display source.

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